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Make your home design by Android App.एंड्रॉइड मोबाइल एप्प से घर का नक्शा बनाना सीखें।

Want to envision what a new paint color would look like in your space, without getting out the rollers? Need a floor plan for your home? Whip out your smartphone. From shopping and color planning to measuring and arranging, there's an app for nearly every step of the design process. Now you really have no excuse to put off that renovation. Read on to discover the best home design apps to download before you start that room makeover.

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Anyone who has ever tried to find the absolute perfect piece for a room knows that navigating all the options can be exhausting. But these apps will put a wide selection of antique, vintage, and new furnishings right at your fingertips—and thanks to new augmented-reality technology, many will let you see how the pieces would look in your space. The company takes care of payment, shipping, and returns for most sales. Listing items is free, and the seller keeps 80 percent of the final sale. Decaso Available for iOS; free A newer venture from the cofounder of Chairish, Decaso offers high-end furniture and decor from vetted dealers.

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Invaluable Available for iOS; free Browse lots from live auctions around the world without leaving your desk, armchair, or bed. Invaluable allows you to place advance absentee bids and bid in real-time at live and online auctions. Hutch Available for iOS and Android; free This app merges the worlds of rendering and shopping, virtually outfitting rooms from photos users upload and allowing them to shop the look directly.

You can sketch or draw directly on the photos available on Houzz, which is a nifty customization option. These pictures can further be shared on social media platforms, which is one of the major features of home designing apps such as these. If you find that you need some work done on your home, you can choose from over 1. The app is free to download and has ads. There are no in-app purchases, however.

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This app is slightly advanced in its functionality, and might require some CAD knowhow, but is worth a try for everyone. You can create comprehensive floor plan of your house using this particular app. Some advanced features make use of augmented reality, so you might need Project Tango devices to access some of those features.

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The app is slightly unconventional in its approach, and the developer mentions that users need no expertise on home design to use the app. The app has no ads and is free to download. Save and share your plan with other users. MagicPlan cloud will let you work with your 2D plans on any device you prefer! Have you ever lost important measures jotted down in different places? With Photo Measures application all measures you need are kept on your smartphone.

How does this app work? Take a photo and make a note drawing measures directly on it, add comments if necessary. Both imperial and metric units are available. You can also export this information by e-mail to your personal home designer or a contractor. Why do we need to know the time of sunrise and sunset? The location of the sun at a particular time of the day? It can be useful not only for filmmakers, artists, and photographers but also for those you plan an interior home design!

Placing furniture, technologies, and appliances correctly, taking into consideration the position of the sun, will help you to avoid the glare on your TV or PC and save your furniture, the material of which is sensitive to light. This app will provide you with an image of your home at different times of day and times of the year, as well as give you an understanding of potential obstructions and calculate the size of shadows. You can also import locations from Google Earth and measure the distance between objects, which will complement your project.

Except for Map View and Street View, all other functions can be performed without the Internet connection. It is as clear as a day that lighting can largely impact a space.

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  7. So, Sun Seeker is one of the tools that should be used while planning an interior home design. What curtains to chose? Where to put a painting? The answer to these and other questions can be found with the Sun Seeker app. Thanks to augmented reality, Sun Seeker shows the path of the sun on any day during the year, as well as the hours of sunrise and sunset. You can observe the position of the sun looking from any place on the Earth with more than 40 thousand locations available. Video content on Youtube, created by active users, will help you find out more peculiar functions of the app.

    This app can also come in handy for photographers and cinematographers, drivers, gardeners and real estate buyers.

    Homify – modify your home

    Adobe Capture CC is a magic app that gives you a possibility to transform all the beautiful colors you see around you in a color palette you can use while completing your home interior design. Your room can really combine colors that you see in a work of art or in nature. Adobe Capture CC disposes of a special technology thanks to which the photos you take or just import in this app from your gallery are turned into a list of fonts and color patterns.

    You can also create a digital brush to make your projects perfect. Generating of realistic PBR materials and material texture modification is also possible. If you need more, you can subscribe to additional 20GB of information. Coolors is an online generator of colors that totals over thousand users. This app is easy to use. Just tap on your screen until you find a color palette, which is pleasant for your eye. Browse color combinations made by other users and save on your smartphone your favorite ones.

    Are you tired of the color of the walls in your room? Vivid is here to help you! More than 10 thousand paint colors from such brands as Behr, Glidden, Benjamin more, etc. Search for different color tones, save colors you like, receive an updated information about this or that color online and shop for it without visiting your local paint store. ColorSnap is an app of the Sherwin-Williams color company. The database of more than 3, colors is now available on your smartphone.

    Take a photo of a color you like and the app will tell you which color it is including RGB-code and the shade of Sherwin-Williams color you need to purchase. With augmented reality function, you can instantly try any color on your walls, check how it will look like in daytime and nighttime without spending a pence. What is more, ColorSnap will count how much paint you need for this or that wall. Do you want to change the color of your walls in your home? How to choose the right color that would suit YOUR house or flat?

    The answer is the following: Upload the image of your wall on your smartphone or tablet and the augmented reality technology will instantly paint your wall with a virtual brush. Choose the color you like most and the app will advise you the closest one taking into consideration lighting conditions. You can order testers and paint from the closest Dulux shop.

    Panton application is for those who feel more concerned about colors and feel the slightest changes in color tone. It lets you create color palettes that you are able to test on 3D virtual designs, save it on your Creative Cloud and share with your friends. Panton disposes of a wide range of tools to let you perfectly combine colors for your design project. Create color palettes with the help of photos you take or images you export from Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter and apply them against various designs. Monthly and Annual subscriptions are available.

    Being subscribed, you will receive trends articles and popular palettes from the Pantone Color Institute. Pantone Studio app is available only for Apple. MyPantone is an alternative version created for Android devices.