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To review them, you pull down the notifications shade by dragging your finger downward from the top-left part of the screen. The notifications shade is illustrated below. Touch a notification to deal with it. What happens next depends on the notification, but most often the app that generated the notification appears. You might also be given the opportunity to deal with whatever caused the notification, such as a calendar appointment. Dismiss an individual notification by touching it and then swiping to the right or left.

To dismiss all notifications, touch the Clear button. Please note, in different regions, the icons may be different. As the name suggests, status icon indicates the system status, e. Galaxy Note 4 status icon usually located in the right side of the status bar. Notification icon usually notifies you about some activities on the phone, e. These notification icons are usually in the left side of the status bar.

Of course, it is not necessary for users to differ these two categories: This status icon usually indicates two possible scenarios: You need contact your carrier to find out the possible solutions. When you see this status icon, you should be able to use WiFi and many other functions on Galaxy Note 4. Mobile network signal strength indicator. Please do not compare the bars of this status icon with that on other phones.

Different phones may use different ways to normalize the signal strength. To get accurate and actual signal strength, you can go to Settings—About device —Status. The roaming charges are usually expensive. GPRS network connected. Such connections are meant for MMS messages or emails, not for intensive web browsing or downloading. If your mobile plan includes 3G data or 4G data, you may check with your carrier on the 3G and 4G network coverage.

In some regions, there are no arrows in the bottom of this status icon, i. EDGE network connected. But it is still a 2G connection, and it is too slow for downloading files.

The typical 3G speed is a few hundreds Kilo bits per second. You may browse website, download email attachments, use instant messaging.

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It usually is not fast enough to download movies or watch online video streaming. When data are transmitted, the arrows in the notification icon will flash or show different colors. HSPA network connected. The typical speed is about a few Mbits per second. In some regions, it is stated as 3. In a few regions, it is just called 4G. In some regions, it is named as 3. Data transmitting through 4G LTE. In these regions, there are two arrows below 4G in the status icon to indicating data transmitting.

Airplane mode flight mode activated. You cannot send or receive sms. You cannot use mobile data. By default, when you enable airplane mode flight mode , all radios are turned off, including WiFi and Bluetooth. SIM card missing. New text message or multi-media message. You will see this notification icon when new messages arrive. In the notification area, you can tap the message to preview or go to the messaging app.

In Galaxy Note 4, you can choose default messaging app. If you choose other apps, e. New GMail messages. This notification icon is from GMail app. New email message.

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This notification icon is from EMail app in Galaxy Note 4. New voice mail messages. You need check with your carrier on how to manage your voice mail box. Anyway, voice mail is provided by your carrier and all messages are also saved on their servers, not on your phone. WiFi activated and connected.

WiFi activated, but not connected.

Icons on my phone's Notification Bar

Normally, these networks access points are new to your Galaxy Note 4, or you chose not to remember password when you connected to them last time. WiFi Direct is activated. Portable WiFi hotspot enabled. This means you are sharing your mobile data with other devices through WiFi. Some carriers may block this feature. Download booster enabled. This of course means faster downloading.

What does circle with plus + sign notification Status bar mean Android Samsung

For more details, you may check this guide on how to use download booster on Galaxy Note 4. Bluetooth enabled , but not paired. Screen mirroring enabled. For more details on screen mirroring, and Chromecast, you may check this post. Downloading or downloaded. This notification icon reminds you there are one or more downloading jobs. If the downloading is in progress, the arrow is usually animated downwards. In some regions, the color may also change.

Once the files are downloaded, you can tap the notification to open the file. Uploading or uploaded. This notification icon is for uploading, i. Data synchronization in progress. Once the sync is done, the notification icon will disappear automatically. USB connection with PC established.

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Tethered through USB connection. You can share your mobile data connection with PCs in this way. NFC enabled. By tapping two NFC enabled devices, you can quickly share some files. For larger files, WiFi direct usually is a better option.

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Location service GPS enabled. When this notification icon is shown, it means some apps are requesting location info, which is usually provided by GPS. Blocking mode enabled. The caller will get a busy tone in most mobile networks. If you disable the blocking mode, this notification icon will disappear and you are accepting incoming calls. When in blocking mode, you can make calls and you will receive all messages as usual. But some notifications will be disabled. Call in progress. When you are in a call, you will see this notification icon. Call on hold.

This notification icon tells you there is call on hold. Call forwarding enabled. You will get this notification icon when you choose to always forward all calls to other number or to voicemail. Missed call. The notification icon tells you there are one or more missed calls. You can check the call log or notification area to see the number. Call muted. If you tap the mute button again, it will be unmuted and the notification icon will disappear. Silent mode or mute mode activated. Under Settings—Sound mode, you have 3 different modes: This notification icon indicates it is under mute silent mode.

The phone will neither ring nor vibrate for incoming calls and notifications. You may check this guide on how to mute your Galaxy Note 4. Vibrate mode activated. See explanation of notification icon for silent mode. Speakerphone is on. Battery full. Battery level indicator. Battery level critically low. It may shorten the lifespan of the battery if you often drain battery to this level before charging.

Battery being charged. It is a good practice to let the battery fully charged before unplug the charger. However, charging through PC is usually far slower than from the bundled charger. If you are using the USB 2. This is due to insufficient current of most USB 2. Calendar event. You will see this notification icon if there is a new calendar event. Tap the notification and you will get the details of the event. Alarm activated. Screenshot saved. Once a screenshot is taken, you will see this notification icon. Please follow this guide on how to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 4.

Smart Stay activated. Security warning. TTY device inserted. Emergency Alert.

When you see this notification icon, you should check the notification message. It usually indicates a system error. You may need reboot Galaxy Note 4. Connected to other devices. Private mode activated. App updates available. This notification icon is from Google Play store app.

App installed or updated. You should get notifications on apps installed or updated. New Hangouts notification. S Pen detected. Very often, there is also a notification in the notification area when such notification icons are displayed. Tap and hold the notification until App info pops out. You can tap the app info to find out the app that shows the notification icon. If you have any problems or questionsto understand the meaning of Galaxy Note 4 status icons and notifications icons, please let us know them in the comment box below.

More how-to guides , tips and tricks for using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are available at Galaxy Note 4 how-to guides page. I am using Samsung note I got top right corner of the screen blinking one circled previous symbol. Is it any pblms regarding the phone? The last one bought for my daughter as refurbished from ebay. On the top notifications line there are underlying letters or words visible underneath.

It does not show up on a screenshot but you can just make out letters. This does not occur on the other 2 note 4s. Can you explain what they are please and if it is a indicator that the phone is corrupt? Above and to the left of the signal strength indicator is a small house with 2 arcs above it. Any idea what that is? Take a screenshot and share it in our Facebook page so that others can see what you are referring to. Take a screenshot and share it in our Facebook page so that others can see what you are talking about.

There is only one tiny bar in my Network Service icon and calls are dropped incoming and outgoing. And texts take a long time to process or they fail. Please help. Hi my note 4 is running marshmallow and when I turn on NFC there is no icon on the status bar, should it? In some regions, there is no N icon in status bar even you enable NFC. As long as you can just NFC without issues, you should not care about the icon.