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Thus, the similarities are understandable. You can also log into Instagram with your Facebook account and that's helpful. Facebook is definitely among the best apps like Instagram. Flickr Price: Flickr was one of the original apps like Instagram. It's a bit of a hybrid service.

You can use it to store photos like cloud storage. People also have the option to share their photos to the public. The public can then interact with them. It's not as vibrant as Instagram is. You can't do stories or post live video. Hashtags don't have the same power they do on Instagram. They do let you upload photos in full resolution, though.

So that's a plus. However, it's an excellent place to post photos. It allows you to micromanage your sharing. You can create collections for various topics and post photos there. You can also follow people and collections that post the kind of stuff you like. It doesn't have the kinds of features that Instagram has, though. There is no Stories, no live video option, and hashtags are pointless there. Still, it's easy to use.

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Plus, it has integration with Google Photos and that's an unlimited cloud storage app for photographs. Imgur Price: Imgur is a lot like Flickr, but more popular. You can upload an unlimited number of photos. Photos are shareable to the Imgur community or on other websites. Some sites, like Reddit, even prefer Imgur links. The app itself allows you to upload your stuff. You can also browse stuff that other people have uploaded. It's a great place to find random stuff.

People post memes, photos, wallpapers, funny content, and all kinds of other stuff. Much like Flickr, the feature set isn't quite as robust as Instagram. Still, it's one of the better apps like Instagram. Instagram Price: Adding Instagram to this list is a weak pick. We know.

However, it does have a lot in common with other apps like Instagram. You can post photos, do live video, post stories that delete after 24 hours, and more. That was a little tongue-in-cheek. We apologize.

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Recently a social feature was also added, giving users the ability to create a profile and connect with friends. The only paid app on our list, Afterlight definitely earns its keep. The quality and simplicity of the app makes it a joy to use and the functionality is also second to none. Afterlight really shines pun not intended!

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This combined with the fine editing tools and the ability to export photos in high resolution, can really make for beautiful compositions. One of my favourite features on Afterlight is the textured filters, in particular the light leaks. The filters very high quality and used on the right photo, it can make the light flares seem organic.

Every filter and effect in Afterlight is fully adjustable giving you complete control over the final production.

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Try out these these editing apps and be sure to leave feedback, or perhaps you disagree with our list and have an alternative favourite, comment and let us know! Join 50, others getting the latest social media news, insights and trends every week with Hopper HQ's Trending newsletter.

Email Address Subscribe to Trending now! We wont send you any spam. Unsubscribe at any time. Instagram is more popular than ever and editing photos to perfection has become fundamental to make your profile stand out. It should go without saying: The site is the third largest social network in the world after Facebook and YouTube, and as of June , the app has over one billion users. The platform has all of the basic photo editing tools you might need, including filters, effects, text, stickers, overlays, and more. However, the app also provides other tools to help you grow your following.

For example, you can harness Instagram Insights to understand how your audience engages with your posts, or you can use Instagram Stories or Instagram Live to connect with your following in a more interactive way.

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And the options to add and customize text are vast. Plus, there are more than frames to choose from and tons of great filters which you can customize to suit your needs. Adjusting the perspective of your photos. Perhaps the perspective was slightly tilted or askew?

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SKRWT fixes these issues. This photo editing app lets you adjust the perspective of your images so that everything lines up perfectly. It has automated cropping and perspective correction. You can also use the app to correct lens distortion — a common problem with smartphone cameras. Do you love taking selfies?

Facetune is another portrait photo editing app designed to help you look your best. It allows you to quickly make professional photo editing adjustments to your images. You can smooth skin, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, and even adjust the position of facial features with just a few swipes and taps. You can also change the backgrounds of your selfies using their set of fun graphics.

Facetune is best used in moderation — if you get carried away, your selfie can quickly end up looking like a wax doll. Thankfully, you can tap and hold the blue button at the bottom of the screen to switch between the original image and your edited version.

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Removing unwanted objects from your photos. Have you ever taken a photo that has an object in it you wish you could remove? Well, TouchRetouch is a photo editing app that lets you do just that. You can use this photo editing app to remove things like telephone wires, posts, power lines, street signs, or trash cans. You can also remove blemishes, pimples, or even pesky photobombers.

Plus, the app is extremely simple to use.

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In fact, you can remove most objects with just one tap. However, should you need help, there are tutorials within the app that teach you how to harness its full potential. Pixelmator covers every base. It blends the tools needed by both photographers and graphic designers into one mobile app. This is a feature-packed, layer-based photo editing app. You can use it to enhance images, add graphics, text, or create advanced artistic compositions. And the app comes with preset templates, collages, and effects.

Mextures is a layer-based photo editing app that makes advanced photo editing simple. You can use the app to stack different edits and adjustments on top of each other and edit them individually. Plus, the app comes with plenty of beautiful filters for quick editing. And you can save your editing formulas to apply to other photos in the future. There are so many amazing photo editing apps out there that at times, it can become overwhelming.

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