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You can use an iOS app to make one, too, but they tend to look pretty basic or clip-art-y. Set the default timing on three types of events: Tap on Default Alert Times and set your Birthday reminders to one day before, your Events to 15 minutes before or a time that makes more sense for your own brain , and All-Day Events on day of the event 9 a. When in doubt, toggle it to OFF and see if you are slowed down by any apps that need to refresh when you launch them.

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Tap into Settings, General, Auto-Lock to set this to the maximum five minutes so you can stop tapping your screen all the time to keep it awake. Any devices available will show up in the list. Toggle your Mac or iPad to On , and then check the target device for a code.

Enter that code into your iPhone. Now all your devices will get not just iMessages, but also text messages from those not using iMessage. Equalize your tunes — Turn on the EQ in your Music app so that you can hear your favorite jams without having to hassle with a bluetooth speaker. This will give you a great volume boost for those times where you just want to blast The Clash while you make a quick dinner in the kitchen.

Safari setup — Surfing the web is full of forms to fill out. Adding your name, address, email and credit cards can take up a lot of your time. First, toggle Use Contact Info to On. Then tap on My Info and pick the contact you want to use when you encounter form fields in Safari. This pulls from iCloud Keychain, so be sure to have that enabled, too. Toggle Credit Cards to On as well, so you can shop with abandon. Just be sure to use only SSL-encrypted websites. Manage which credit cards your iPhone will save with a tap on Credit Cards.

Safari in iOS 12 also blocks cross-site tracking , aka those cookies that follow you around and let online stores place the same ads on every subsequent page you visit.

PPTP Manual Setup Instructions for VyprVPN for iOS 7 - 8

Just sit back and enjoy your newfound privacy. It keeps your photos and videos safely stored in the cloud and let you retrieve full-quality copies of your files in case you misplace read: Note that this will turn off My Photo Stream. If you want to keep your full-resolution music files backed up to the cloud, use iTunes Match. You get all your music files matched or uploaded to iCloud in the highest bitrate possible.

You can then stream or download the music to any device provided your iTunes Match subscription is intact. Never be without your tunes or have an over-filled iPhone again.

iPhone 4 7.1.2 ios update IOS 8

Then tap on Subscribe to iTunes Match to get this valuable service enabled on your new iPhone. Apple plans to merge iOS and macOS apps by Today in Apple history: Take control of your Apple Pencil 2. Triqtraq turns your iPhone into an amazing groovebox [Review]. Mac creator complains about Steve Jobs. How to get p YouTube videos in iPad Safari. Celebrate Presidents Day with new gear, lessons and apps [Deals]. Leave a comment. Posted in: To find out how to bind native functions, visit the plugins page.

The Unity iOS runtime allows you to download new content and you can use this feature to implement in-app purchases. See the downloadable content manual page for further information. See the splash screen customization page to find out how to change the image your game shows while launching. If you are experiencing crashes on the iOS device, please consult the iOS troubleshooting page for a list of common issues and solutions.

Unity supports importing a variety of source format sound files. However when importing these files with the exception of tracker files , they are always re-encoded to the build target format. MM3 playback offers slightly better performance on iPhone compared with Vorbis playback. More info See in Glossary texture compression A method of storing data that reduces the amount of storage space it requires.

See Texture Compression 3D Graphics hardware requires Textures to be compressed in specialised formats which are optimised for fast Texture sampling. More info See in Glossary , Animation Compression The method of compressing animation data to significantly reduce file sizes without causing a noticable reduction in motion quality.

Animation compression is a trade off between saving on memory and image quality.

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Consult the texture import settings documentation to learn more about iOS texture formats A file format for handling textures during realtime rendering by 3D graphics hardware, such as a graphics card or mobile device. We recommend you use the Video Player to play video files.

How to manually set up ExpressVPN on iOS devices (L2TP)

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