Nokia lumia 520 volume up button not working

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April 8, at BY wangchuk. January 13, at 1: BY ramy. December 3, at 6: BY aarush. This is a poor design flaw. So I was not happy with the above Gumby fix. It has issues that will get worst over time.

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You need a very hot soldering iron and the size or diameter of solder I used is. Once you soldering iron is hot, you just need to tap each corner quickly with very little solder on the iron. And to see the connections and pins better I used my magnifying glass and focused on the areas. Anyway my power button works better than before. So I am very happy now. The video helped me fix the problem with the power button: In my case the strip slid in easily above the power button but not above the volume buttons or the camera button, but they still seem to work more or less normally.

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I fixed this problem using a small piece of post it, I sliced the paper in the form os a line and put betwen the mainboard. Hi All I got the same issue a day ago. Took it to the Nokia Care service centre. I took the phone back without servicing. Came home and opened the thing apart and had a good look on the switch. The culprit actually is no key or switch, but the solder that holds the switch to the board.

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Eventually, the solder comes off and makes the circuit open making the switch non functional. I just applied little more solder and made the dry solder joint good. Now it works like a charm! I have the same symptoms but the gap under the switch is too narrow to allow this fix to be applied. The double tap is a reasonable workaround but it IS irritating to have an inoperative power button!

I tried some pill blister pack foil and it didn't work. I think the plastic worked because it was thicker than the blister pack foil. Thanks for sharing this method for fixing this issue! I already had to send the phone back as screen too sensitive my brother bought it in a differentt country he lives so it was gone four months, took almost three to fix and got upgraded to windows8 which helped a lot of other problems in phone.

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One question does the double tap to wake up phone only work if the phone is switched on. If you forget to charge it and it goes dead, you begin charging it with a charger does the double tap work to wake up phone so you can enter the pin? Leo Portas. Genius solution! The standby button of my Nokia wasn't functioning all too well.

My Nokia lumia 520 Volume up button is not working

I added a piece of plastic as you described, and now the button works perfect again! Sarthak Gautam sarthak. My Lumia had a similar problem. I could switch on and off but couldn't open the lock pressing the button once. Sometimes it would work but sometimes it wouldn't. So I got the button replaced and still no success, it was just like earlier. So here's what you should do- after getting the button replaced if it still doesn't work, do a hard reset of the phone and it should work. It worked for me: Hope this helps.

Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Pascal De Henau Rep: Hi, Has anybody replaced the power button on a Nokia Lumia ? Thanks for your help. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

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Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score Chai Tanya you need to ask your own question to get help.. The All-New. The high performance electronics repair kit. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. Chosen Solution. Was this answer helpful? It worked perfectly! Thank you very much pgamoot! Thank you pgamoot! I did it how you described it and Score 7. Yes it works Thanku so much Thank You so much Now it's working Grate help.. Wouter Rep: Here the same problem, fixed it with a small piece of hard plastic above the button. Score 6. Thanks a lot man It now works perfectly Great share