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The challenge of the game along with the quick play time make this one perfect for a quick gaming session. If you enjoyed Doodle Jump or any other game like it, you'll like Ninjatown quite a bit. Trees of Doom! Ninjatown is a great casual game in the mold of Doodle Jump and Scoops. If you need a quick game to play on a bus or a train, or with a fox on a plane, this one is for you. Posted in: Reviews , Games , iPhone Apps and Games.

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Tagged With: Review disclosure: Note that if the developer provides the product or not, this does not impact the review or score. One such class swat is Doodle Jump: At first glance, Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! In truth, this is far more like high-flying action of Bird Strike , but with most of the fun sapped clean out. What's on offer here is an adequate, though tame height-climber. Using a pair of tree trunks lining the sides of the screen, your only goal is to climb as high as possible.

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You do this by holding a finger to the screen above your ninja's current position to make him climb. It should go without saying that you're unable to backtrack or climb back down.

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom Review

As you might expect, the path above is rarely easy and leaping from one trunk to the other is done by tapping the other side of the screen it's worth nothing that jumping across also heaves you up a portion. Alternatively, you can grab hold of a branch and flick yourself some distance into the air.

One brush with any of the game's hazards is enough to send you packing. That's a fine setup if the world you're inhabiting is particularly enthralling or entertaining. Unfortunately, the game comes with more than a hint of "been there, done that.

There are the odd high points, nevertheless. Power-ups induce a touch of fun into proceedings, with a rocket-pack pushing the game firmly into Bird Strike territory and shields allowing you to take a risk or two without fear of instant death.

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