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Best bang for for a Camera Phone. You need to get the software in order to take advantage of shutter speed. The 5MP is actually 6MP.

Nokia Lumia 1020

The 40MP is actually 38MP rounded off. Over all this was a great purchase with much need for external equipment. The only bad regret is that this is not a medium film camera or even large format camera. I am happy and content with this and will buy more just for back up concerns.

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I advise you to invest in a icy-pack to stick this camera in. Too keep it cool down. Great buy. Otheriwse get a regular film camera and film convertor.

Bad news for Nokia Lumia users on Windows 10 Mobile | IT Pro

Also use a cleaner program if photos are not showing up. Specifically hi-res JPEG. He had Nokia Window 10 phone as a replacement but didn't like it.

How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone To Windows Phone 10 (New)

It started to malfunction. So when I heard about this, I decided to him this phone and he was delighted.

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It arrived in excellent condition, brand new. The phone was ready to after changing it. But, another SIM card was needed to match the new phone he discarded the card, never thinking he would be using this type of phone again. All is well! It is my first Windows type phone, so it took me a bit to figure it out, buy once that was done all has gone well.

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Battery life is not as long as my last phone, but it does last most of one day. Not sure what "small form factor is, so do not know how to answer that question. I am very satisfied with the phone and glad I bought it. I purchased this solely for the purpose of using the camera. The clarity is unmatched by any phone camera I've ever used.

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It's small compact it's in my shirt pocket so it's handy at all times. I would recommend this to any Avid photographer who wants something that small compact and easy to use. I bought this mainly for the camera but I think in the end, it will be my principle phone. I am not so sure that Nokia Lumia users will view the easy solution as an acceptable recourse to not being able to use their hardware and test Windows 10 Mobile.

Nokia Lumia 1020 - 32GB - Matte Black (Unlocked) Smartphone

Aul did also confirm that this issue only effects users so if you have any other Lumia device just use the default Windows Camera app. Are you using a Nokia Lumia with Windows 10 Mobile installed? Does this issue mean you will revert back to Windows Phone 8. But, wait Hide comments.

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