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This is expired or something. In what folders exactly do you put al those files? There is the link for all voices in version3. Can someone help me. I want to spoof Ndrvie and would like with maps of Holland. But spoofing of Ndrive Germany doesn't seem to work. And gps stats as containers app neither. When you spoof it does ndrive come with an icon on samsung wave? Please someone help me. Thank you very mucho to everybody for ur work, Oswald te funcionola voz de ricardo? I didn't want to update to official bada 1.

But now I have official bada 1. I am so glad! Thanks you!!! I didn't spoof the original Ndrive, I downloaded fin promo via Kies and did everything according to Bryan's method.

Symbiandroid: [Android] Ndrive v With Europe v Maps+Brazil v (Full)

Hello, it does not working, ndrive is just waiting for gps. Hi guys, i downloaded NDrive with Kies from the spanish site the Promo installed fine but i can't see the folder. Not on my memory card or on the phone. Looks like the drive is partitioned as there is a 3rd drive called OSP. It shows MB but when i open the drive, no files are visible. If i check the properties of the drive it shows MB in use.

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In my phone settings, the memory card is set for all application installations so i do not know why it has installed to the OSP drive. If i launch NDrive it gets to the point of asking me to connect to the internet and then says that the promo has expired. Thank you very much shashank you are awesome. I followed all your instructions and it went like a breeze. Everything is working fine no problem at all. This makes me to love me Wave even more.

I hope you keep up the good work and post more amazing apps for us. Thank you very much. You have eased my burden to pay for a navigation software which i tried to purchase but since i don't have a credit card it is not possible. OK, i have found the problem to the OSP folder. The 1 is the memory card and the other is the phone. Hope this will help you. Map from argentina provided by roma dont work, its a new one but says not authorized, can someone post how to edit lic file to add maps like argentina???

Thanks all you guys who have shared this with us Wave users. I was close to changing my phone to a Galaxy S but you saved me some money! Any comments about your GPS performance?


I think it is a bit erratic. I notice that I pass a point on the road and the phone shows that I'm still a bit behind the same point. It sort of has an error in its positioning. I had a Nokia with Garmin installed on it around a year ago and I think that was much more accurate. I updated the 1.

NDrive Morocco

Both links for the crack provided Do NOT work anymore!! Can i have an alternate link please…. COM Kind Regards. I'm from Argentina. I installed the programme successfully but I wanted to ask you about the maps. I can only see Argentinean routes but I can't see the city maps.

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Is it a map problem, do I have to download another one? I hope you can help me. Thank you so much…. Argentina — Map — Solved: Thismap is not official. It only has the main cities.

UPDATE Here - Full Sygic 17.3.8 + Maps OFFLINE

Smaller cities are missing yet but the're working on it. Here you have the link. It is working in my I have problem. The maps doesn't work! There is no maps. I do traveling in El Salvador. Do you happen to know if a map from the region is or will be available. If ElSalvador is in Chile I give link for map: Thanks for the software.

Hi, am a wave user from India. I downloaded the Ndive files from http: Should i just copy all the files to the SD card? And i still don't understand what is spoofing. I got a lot of apps downloaded through blogs but have no clue about how to install it into the device. It will be very grateful if somebody help me with this.

I got it working guys.. Installed the spanish version and followed the instructions and now its working perfectly.. The only thing is the name of the app which is 'Spain' instead of Ndrive, is there any way to change that??? Thanks you so much. I had some problems with the application. I used wawespoofer, but i didn't understand what i should do. First, i downloaded the GPS status named app it's free and installed on to my phone.

In wawespoofer: It wrote an error message. How could i do to it worked fine? Tank you! Sorry for my english-grammar. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer badawaveapps Just another WordPress. Home About.

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